Sunday, May the 16th, 2004

I’ve been afraid and tense. Very. Which in my world seems to be the only time I work so it cannot really be any other way. I hope I don’t pass out during the test itself under the pressure. (Yes, that’s happened too. It’s extremely embarrassing.)

In an attempt to sidetrack my mind a bit, I’ve been reading up on the political fiasco at the homeworld. I am the most apolictical person I know. I just can’t get myself to care about such relatively pointless real life issues. But this recent general elections results back home has gotten me quite worked up. And I don’t see why. Here’s a portion of something I posted in some other forum.

What gives?

Firstly, this is totally independent of me having/not having issues with Congress party’s policies toward the advancement of the country. This is about our inability to find one worthy leader out of a billion or so.

IANAFIRI (I am not a farmer in rural India). Of course I don’t have any real clue how economic policy changes over the past few years affected “the average person in villages”, but I seriously doubt their positions could have gotten any worse. All I saw were my juniors in college finishing up with a lot more options than I had. It seemed to be a very good thing. These options resulted in highly improved purchasing power, and consequently better lifestyles. What seems to be the problem with a middle class that’s moving economically forward? How much can it alienate the poor? I am not an economist either, but don’t earnings growths in some sections trickle down to most other sections of society eventually?

More importantly, how much more could someone from the outside know about the real lives of these people than people from right there. If you felt the current government policies were only helping a few rich people in Bangalore, wouldn’t it be a safer bet to elect someone from around who’s lived your life so will probably work toward your betterment? as opposed to someone from Italy?

No, I was not there to vote myself and consequently have my opinions heard, so I don’t really have any right to complain. But what’s the deal? How important is someone’s name? If I officially called myself Gandhi Gandhi tomorrow will I automatically get to rule all with an iron fist?

Doesn’t this scheme of events bother anyone else?

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2 Responses to “I’ve been busy”

  1. anita says:

    yes, i’m quite pissed about it. my dad compares it to bush getting elected here.
    not just the name thing, but the way they managed to convince the poor people that they’re going to make their lives better, when in fact, they end up doing the whole country much more harm than good.

    just completely frustrating…

  2. wahgnube says:

    It’s very frustrating. The comparison would be more accurate if Bush were from, I don’t know.. Ethiopia?

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