Saturday, May the 8th, 2004

Today was, well, quite awesome. The feeling of being abandoned is slowly being morphed to a sort of free. (Imagine the puppet in that wireless laptop ad running around the lawn all unthetered.) I’m not happy happy. I just feel.. free. Not accountable.

I’m slowly regaining control over my own happiness. And I’m a surprisingly happy person. Who’d have known?

At least until next relapse, anywho.

I can safely say this was the best hair day (and if there is something such as a skin day, that too) I’ve ever had, ever. I’ve lost (or misplaced or had stolen or …) three hats over the past few weeks and I’ve been forced to gradually change to a continuous ponytail for about a week now. For the past few days I’ve been tying it rather effortlessly without a mirror. And today it happened, the epitome in quality of (my personal) hair styling.

Again, pretty much by definition. At the rate I’m losing hair, in a little while I won’t even have a hair day. Forget good, great, or best ever.

And I’ve been reconsidering working out. And by working out I mean slow jog or long walk. Because no matter what women tell me about being funny, you don’t see them trampling over Brad Pitt in a stampede to get to Gilbert Gottfried now, do you?

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