Sunday, June the 12th, 2005

There has been much confusion over the past few days. (Apart from being randomly assaulted by Mac zealots over my I told you sos, I mean). Since you’re all paying attention, you know my family is looming hereabouts, and occasionally request my presence — and the past few days were of that nature.

Let me prefix everything that follows by saying, I love them all, and being around them isn’t inherently a problem.


I’ve had a ton of technical and intellectual issues keep cropping up recently, which has constantly been preventing me from getting any real work done (Like blowing my computer’s adapter and not being able to work on things from outside the lab). And having to be around everyone, uncharacteristically wound up about not-doing-anything, was a bit of a strain. And, I might have said some things that implied they were responsible — ensuring everyone felt plenty guilty.

I kick cute puppies for fun.

Needless to say, I ship off to M.I.T tomorrow, no real recent work done. God damn it.

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