Sunday, October the 7th, 2007

Cos there’s so little else occupying my head.

This entry (or a couple, I haven’t finalised on how I plan to put these thoughts across) will surely ruffle some feathers, but what the heck? it’s not like anyone’s going to be reading after all this downtime.

1. It’s not like I am drawn to women who are with other people. It’s just, anyone who I deem worthy of being drawn-to already happens to be with someone else.

2. It’s not fair that the women (from my part of the world) who entered grad school around the time I did were as hideous as they were. What’s worse is that the influx has been getting about twice as attractive each year. Refer the figure below for details.

Increasing hotness

This is most unfair, because I have no avenue to talk to those part of the current crop.

3. It’s not fair that the only person—who, incidentally, crossing the street in her halter top routinely causes accidents—whom you somehow manage to concoct a legitimate reason to spend some time with happens to be a Bible thumper.

Hmm. Perhaps if I trick her into making me one of her pet “let’s enlighten him for his own good” projects, things will look up.

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4 Responses to “Let it never be said, that the romance is dead”

  1. Mukul says:

    Dr. Harish Sir,

    I felt the same way in school, college and then at work. :)

    Until I realized that if you are not in the circle of hotties, you need to find one and get in or build one by grabbing one and meeting her friends.

    Like life, it’s not the most ideal of ways, but that’s the only way you will get what you want, especially after considering your luck/run so far.

    Their pursuit is like entrepreneurship, most people find it easier to just get a job and monthly paycheck. Those who risk all are rewarded many times over, so is the case with the rakish men.

    Or you can always get married like everyone else. Nothing will go irreversibly wrong. Try it out!


  2. pundit says:

    Aren’t you missing super-secret option (c)? Con a hottie into marrying you?

  3. Mukul says:

    That requires qualities like self-esteem, financial stability, integrity, kindness and indifference to female hotness.

    Those who are affected by female hotness don’t get to taste it. Pimps and Fashion Photographers bed some of the most beautiful women you’d see in Bars, Clubs, TV or Billboard. And that’s simply because they are not overwhelmed by stunning women. Neither are they looking for self-validation.

    Having said that, if you are looking for self-validation or happiness through acquiring a trophy wife, that’s even worse. Marriage, at least, should happen due to mutual love/agreement. There are a lot of reasonably great looking women who have been through the bad boys and would rather prefer to give chance to awkward geeks than to be taken for a fun but short ride by a casanova.

    Option C also requires luck, most hot girls are genetically blinded towards nice guys, they don’t even blip on their attention radar.

    Ever wondered why most average guys don’t even meet/date small time or struggling models in real life? Because models have different lifestyles, you’d never find them in the nerdy places. If you can’t go to clubs and play your game to pick them up, you will have to take up an ever bigger but more rewarding challenge of finding them in shopping malls and coffee shops and befriending them.

    I hope you get what I am struggling to say – one has to be like a negotiator, confident and firm, without screwing up the negotiation itself, and yet convince the other person that the bargain is a valuable proposition for her too.

    You are selling yourself, after all. You can’t do that if you neither have the confidence nor the guts to fake it.

  4. Mukul says:

    And where you live, married women are more likely to cheat because they are liberated and driven by their choices.

    If you marry a brown hottie, then it may be a different case.

    So, it’s not all peace even if you con a hottie into marriage.

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