Wednesday, September the 14th, 2005

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UPDATE: Since one flaw was found so soon, I decided it couldn’t hurt to upload the current draft while I go start on the slides. If anyone else finds typos, please let me know. You’re awesome.

In order to make it easy for the nearly-illiterate to grasp the magnitude of the tasks ahead and to follow my progress, here is a small checklist. The tasks marked with an ‘X’ have been completed. The tasks marked with a ‘D’ aren’t really done, but I’ve decreed they’re done enough.

[X] Form committee
[D] Get committee OKed by even higher-ups
[D] Come up with ideas worth defending and write them up
[X] Figure out a time when everyone is free and get them in a room for a few hours
[X] Find a vacant room (with a projector and what not) and book it for those few hours
[D] Prepare the (and for the) talk
[X] Actually defend said ideas to said OKed committee in said room at said time
[X] Handle resulting administrivia

And I have 0 days to go. This post will be dynamically updated as the status of these events change.

I really am working. For instance, check out development from concept to near-finished product.

Evolution of the document.
morphs to
Evolution of the document..

Unrelated Update: A “Shaky version” of the Revolution controller teaser (in case you were wondering if I’d lost touch with the world because of trying to work). From some points of view, it looks like my old NES controller. And some of its functionality reminds me of my Zapper—which looked cool even though it was bright orange in colour.

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2 Responses to “Life meter”

  1. Anantha says:

    On the second version of your document (page 17), should it be a “matlab prototype implementation exists” as opposed to exits ? Just curious ! :)

  2. wahgnube says:

    Yeah, thanks!

    I probably should just put the whole thing up for random people to catch flaws. I am in the process of reading it over and fixing it though. It isn’t due till tomorrow.

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