Friday, September the 2nd, 2005
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Light Stream

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9 Responses to “Light Stream”

  1. niyati says:

    pretty amazing.

  2. pundit says:

    Thank you. This was taken a while ago, in the outskirts of Madras.

  3. pundit says:

    I’m not really back. I didn’t want the somewhat long-term filler picture to be a picture of someone else’s work.

    Sunset actually. It’s complimentary to this picture. You know, one is dark-bright-dark and the other is bright-dark-bright. They were taken at the same time.

  4. Kamakshi says:

    dint think u wud be posting .. ur back?? has a pretty dark murky feel to it .. lovely orange morning light (?)

  5. Kamakshi says:

    very cool indeed! i didnt relate back to that pic .. i guess that was ur whole motive of posting them far apart :)

  6. Leo says:

    Wow, incredibel colors on this shot. Good contrast as well. The composition, is great, perfect third split.

  7. Diogo says:

    A melhor foto, fico maravilhosa. Só o poder de Deus para fazer isso mesmo. parabéns, aproveitou bem o momento.

  8. pundit says:

    Contente você pensa assim. Obrigado outra vez, Diogo.

    (Traduzido automaticamente.)

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