Wednesday, March the 23rd, 2005

(Real life details resume soon.)

For those interested, I’ve almost gotten my computer to a state I wanted it to be in. With all the moving data out, formatting, repartitioning, reinstalling OSing, moving data back in, … I’ve managed to reclaim over 20 gigs of space I’d arbitrarily given up earlier. It’s amazing how much you can save when you have only one copy of a piece of software on one OS installed and not have redundancies running all about. (MikTeX/LaTeX, MATLAB/Octave, Windows/GNU/Linux, …)

Strangely enough, I don’t miss Visual Studio, I miss the frickin’ Canon “EOS Viewer”. A tool made by Canon to read my photos in Canon’s own RAW off the camera.

On to lighter things.

Since I am not one to read laundry instructions, I ended up washing a new woolen sweater in near steam when it wasn’t designed to be exposed to over 50° C or something, twice. The first time, you would say that the result was an overly snug fit. The second time, I have just one word for it, (OK, two) — Sports Bra.

Cue tasteful humour.

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5 Responses to “Mandatory Update”

  1. Vigvg says:

    This is what you need. Along with a replacement for the EOS Viewer. And ‘assets’.

  2. pul| says:

    Ok, I have to ask. Does this mean you’re done with Windows?

  3. wahgnube says:

    Vigvg: Dude, I didn’t know you were back-and-active in the blogosphere (god I hate the word). Cool.

    That link was (hopefully) useful.

    We’ll know this weekend.

  4. wahgnube says:

    pul|: Yes. And stuff I genuinely miss:

    1. Canon’s RAW format reader. Apparently, “RAW” is not some standard RGB data dump from optical sensors in cameras, but camera-specific data dumps of RGB data. Of course, companies are stupid and keep these details hidden from the general public. Why?, I already bought the 2.5 grand camera. What fucking evil deed do you think I could do to you with a spec sheet?

    The only hope in that department seems to be the (supposedly insanely awesome) dcraw.

    2. Visual Studio+Intel Compiler goodness. (Intellisense and real time visualization of data structures during runtime, for instance. God that was sweet.) I am sorry to say I’ve grown dependent on such coolnesses.

    I don’t know of a better development environment.

    3. The coolness of Nero. Sure, there are many alternatives, and people tell me K3B is a worthwile contender, but that’s in KDE. And KDE is evil.

    4. Virtuldub/Nandub. Sure, you have mencoder (and mplayer is probably the coolest program ever, after Emacs of course), but they were awesome in their own right.

    Nothing else seems to have been a problem. Given everything, I would say I’ve come out unscathed.

  5. wahgnube says:

    And before I sound like some non Free software zealot.

    GNU Emacs is god. Once you have Emacs, you need little, if not nothing, else.
    Rhythmbox is sweet also.

    Other religious dogma: And I thought I could be hilarious!

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