Monday, December the 15th, 2003

Hmm. This is weird. I want to type something out, but just because. There is no real reason for existence for this set of words. Generally getting active(r) as a higher level mentor sort of free software advocate. I could ramble about that. icc 8 is out, and I can’t wait to get stuff built on it. This is exactly what I need to get into hacking a body of code I’ve been putting of for whatever reason over the past few months. That’s a worthy enough ramble topic too. In this relative downtime, where I’ve not been bothering to update the site in mind numbing frequency with text and pictures, I’ve thought about and tried some stuff as preliminary things leading to future design decisions. They are beginning to fall into place in my head. And after a lot of hullabaloo (is that even a word?), I don’t think there is going to be a tremendous change in the frontend of the site. I will be moving (as much as I know how) to an XHTML based design that looks just about the same. Just a lot leaner and meaner. WordPress will be used to power all pages, not just the weblog. There is an inherent badness with moving. My google rankings have fallen from 3-4 to like 90 for the blog. Need to carefully con another system to get it to behave the way I want to. I’ve got the aggregator up, and will be themeing and moving it to, to be a central place to get your daily dose of noise from a variety of people. Cranked through the disclaimer again, and now it’s fairly small and readable. Figured out a bunch of stuff about my camera, in this recent (ab)use flurry. Interestingly, it can store images at a much higher quality than I realized it could. (Some 18 MB a picture, as opposed to the 3-4MB I usually shoot at, and the 10-200KB I post on the site.) But then again, it isn’t all rosy, because it takes a good 10 seconds to write the largish images once it’s taken them, and you can’t do anything else with it in that period, like quick successive shots or what not. The little, ok, not little squirrel has run far away. Then there are relatively not tech issues, like premature balding. As in how premature is really premature. Isn’t it premature at any time? Or Christmas, and how many years a guy can get away with the “I don’t know the customs, and therefore am excused from buying you stuff, but has no issues with taking” scheme. Or Family Guy on adultswim being another reason to not sleep early. Not to sound like a homeless person or anything, but I had my first warm meal this weekend after how long, I can’t rememebr. There’s Saddam’s capture, that’s diverting people from the other issues like they were no weapons found, and people responsible for the WTC related incidents are still at large. I tend to not bother about world issues and politics and general news and things like that. But there are some things the media won’t let you not know. Like Paris Hilton doesn’t want to party any more? Aww, poor her.

Meta logging. The future of writing. And no, I don’t have ADD.

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