Wednesday, November the 17th, 2004

No one will wonder or particularly care about this subtle change, but I just made it so that from actuality you can get to the static portions of the site, but from the static portions (like photos) you can’t wander into actuality.

This change was effected because there are times when I’d like to show off photos or delineate but I haven’t for reasons like so: You link someone to, out of curiosity, they wander onto And then BAM! actuality, it’s right there. And that would be very bad.

Like I started off saying, you won’t even notice this nor would you care. So move along, there is nothing to see here.

Update: On another unrelated and uninteresting (to you) note, I was peeking through some webserver logs and here’s a site I found linking to one of mine, a whole lot.

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