Saturday, June the 17th, 2006

We haven’t done this in a long time, because I’ve not been shooting very much. But after much prodding, I was inspired to walk around for more than half of today with my camera. Here are some things I ran across.

It being summer, there are many of these bushy-little things running around.

A squirrel

I was desperately scrounging around for some joke involving a pun on “nuts,” but it turns out I am too refined for that. The next picture of a flower is the one I’m most proud of in this set. It has nothing to do with the picture itself, but the fact that I found this dainty little thing sitting amongst a see of mediocrity. For that one moment, I found myself remarkably aware of my surroundings.

An orange flower

It turns out, not everyone is as enthralled about their surroundings or respectful of it as I am. This saddened me.

An empty bottle.

As I was walking around, I couldn’t help but notice the following twig that looked like a π. Yeah, I’m a geek.

Pi-shaped twig.

I also couldn’t help but notice that the town was a lot more crowded than usual. It turns out, just like the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair every July, there is also the Ann Arbor Summer Festival featuring a couple of weeks of all sorts of eclectic bands playing on the street.

Summer Festival Sign

And it was at this point that I stopped shooting, for I was distracted by the pretty lady singing.

A lady singing.

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5 Responses to “My day out”

  1. niyati says:

    I can’t make up my mind whether its sweet or sinister. Were the critters in the arboretum bigger?
    i love the flower…and the colours in the bottle pic. And sniff, sniff.

  2. pundit says:

    Oh, so much bigger. And these critters are sinister; the largish squirrels are like small dogs. So ugly.


  3. niyati says:

    why are u sniffing!? i haven’t given you fresh cause :D

  4. pundit says:

    You have not; and have been most delectable.

    It’s the ugly critters that make me sniff. Sniff, so ugly.

  5. Adi says:

    The twig in the photo looks more like a Kalashinov(AK-47) than a Pi. :-P

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