Friday, November the 4th, 2005

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I am obviously not an economist or a politician, but ignorance or lack of experience has never prevented me from opining before. Kids, the issue we will be delving into today is: Unlike this country[1], I do understand the difference between a form of economy and a form of governance.

Just as people here often confuse freedom of speech with the ability to say whatever they want at whosever’s expense (which is quite evil even if they’re paedophilic-thought-inducing cute), they often tend to equate communism with evil dictatorship. Get your facts straight people, one is a form of economy and the other is a form of governance. They needn’t be related, and you (as in your President going[2]) “But Saddam abused his people… like communists abused their people” is so far wrong, I wont get into the details.

Before I go on, a disclosure: I am a socialist. Yes, I’m an evil bastard who’s not fully pro your capitalist economy (note, not regime).

They’re so ignorant, they’ve proceeded to equate communism with bad, and capitalism with good. They’re neither, they’re just forms of (say it with me) economy. All the major news programmes right now are focusing on the high prices of fuel—and keep getting annoyed that the oil companies are raking in hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue over a few months. They’re clearly angry, and are constantly wondering why their government isn’t stepping in and regulating any of this, especially in their “time of need”.

You know why?, because you’re capitalist you morons. This is the price you pay for “fully free” markets governed by supply, demand and human greed. You finding the price of oil too high, or being unable to afford it are not a valid problems. The oil companies get do what they want.

Don’t crib. Understand.

On a related note, I happened to notice during a news broadcast (over a month ago) that parts of Hawaii were going to limit their gas prices at three dollars a gallon. There was not more than the tiniest peep about this from the media, but I jumped in my seat. This is a HUGE DEAL. This is tantamount to this country testing the waters of socialism by dipping their toes.

Yes, that’s right, socialism. Mostly free and fair markets, but items and services of necessity have regulated prices and distribution schemes—so that everybody can get to them.

Oh, and by the way, while I’m at it, I am not against totalitarian governments (if done right) either. I believe individuals are intelligent, but masses are not. Having everybody have their say and appeasing everybody—pulling in different directions—impedes progress. You need one kind, intelligent, moral, knowledgeable, benevolent person with extreme foresight that steps in, grabs complete control, and drags everyone (kicking and screaming if need be) to a better future. Even having been born in, a citizen of, and living in a democratic country, I can see the benefits of something like a very good totalitarian regime.

And this is totally independent of whether such a society is capitalist or communist.

So basically, my views are along the lines of: not everybody is equal, and some do have to get a bigger say and more power. Scarily, this sort of thing can be assumed to be along the lines of those chicks (they were so sweet looking, it took me a while to get to their gasp-worthy lyrics). But it’s not. I’m talking about an all kind and gentle dictator, think, the pope? Or Gandhi?

[1] Yes, I said “this country”. I didn’t say “most people in this country”, or even “some people in this country”. The reason I tend to generalise things this way—before you jump-in with the “but over half of us know better and feel differently” defence—is because that explanation doesn’t matter. The rest of the world doesn’t care about your internal politics or intellectual differences; all they get to see and care about is what finally goes on.

For instance, over half the people probably don’t want the war. But are you at war? Yes. Apparently, over eighty percent of people don’t think free access to firearms is a good thing. But is that how it is? Yes. I could go on, but you get the idea, and I’m going to get on with my beef for the day.

[2] He probably didn’t say it, as in I just made that up, or he did say something I’m taking it out of context, but that’s how entries in this journal are set up, don’t get your panties in a bunch.

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