Saturday, February the 1st, 2003

My walk home last night had a wonderful experience in store for me. I was done with my work in college and ruing the walk back home at 1 am or so. It had snowed pretty heavily and the whole area was completely blanketed by a thick white carpet. It reflected and dispersed all the sources of light. From the lights in the parking lot, to the media union, all the way to the moon. That and the mild flurry made it as bright as dawn. Pretty colors and a beautiful haze. My face lit up, literally and it stayed that way all through my walk home. God it was breathtaking.

These are the times I wish I owned a camera. I really do.

Made my first official spending today. Nothing fancy. A couple of cheap books at Cheap, as in cost wise. Hopefully, not quality.

The “First Year Doctoral Student Meet” on Friday was quite an experience too. Got to meet some new interesting people, had a free lunch and a reason to go to central campus.

Unfaithful was one of the best movies I’ve got to see in a long time. So powerful, so moving. I have to admit I really was almost in tears.

I really do need to start looking out for a camera. Somethings are just too special to be forgotten.

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