Tuesday, December the 28th, 2004

Since I don’t understand the concept of self restraint, or bankruptcy, I now own this.

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5 Responses to “Near negative bank balance”

  1. pUl| says:

    You’re my best friend :P

  2. wahgnube says:

    You’ve been on a sudden spending spree too?

  3. pUl| says:

    You bet! Its Boxing week here in Canada. Stuff’s selling like hot cakes. Its crazy. My roomie, who would usually think for over a month before spending anything over 100 bucks now owns a Satellite A70!

  4. wahgnube says:

    Firstly, I don’t know Canadian customs. Just what is a boxing week?

    Anyway, granted people are buying a lot of things, and stuff is selling like “hot cakes” and your roommate owns a laptop, just what have you bought?

  5. pUl| says:

    This is what Boxing week is. As for my purchases, I bought a DFE-690TXD 32-bit Cardbus PC Card and a thinkpad keyboard. And now, I’m looking forward to getting myself one of these.

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