Monday, October the 11th, 2004

– I wasn’t kidding when I said this place has absolutely nothing. I walked around for 3.5 hours yesterday and didn’t come up with one photo op. You could say I am blind, but I seriously doubt that.

– More male-female difference observations. I was at this one session for most of the morning where they were dealing with continuum thermodynamical descriptions of tissue development and related computational methods (the sort of things that put food on my table). It was actually relatively crowded, but there wasn’t a single woman in the audience. Not until the last talk anyway, where this person spoke about how aging (and gravity) affects (sagging of) facial muscles and related it to how they could deterministically come up with good and lasting plastic surgery procedures (to remove wrinkles, say).

What to make of that, I don’t know.

– I need to buy one of these massaging shower heads for my home. My goodness they’re soothing.

– I’ve been thinking a lot about my next potential camera for a while now. But I just implicitly assumed since my current camera has made me very lazy (since it’s quite easy to take decent pictures), I wouldn’t want part easily with it. But it dawned on me just 12 minutes ago that I probably am not as attached to it as much as I was a while ago. I just gave it away, and it’ll end up with someone I don’t even know to take some pictures of some event thingy tomorrow.

But then again, that could also be because this place isn’t particularly happening when it comes to things to see and photograph.

– I give my talk early tomorrow morning. I better prepare some slides or something. I’ve been told that my previous favourite colour combination involved a certain red that 15% of males are colour blind to, so that’s another thing I need to remember.

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4 Responses to “Notes”

  1. anita says:

    i know there isn’t much to take pictures of nature-wise over there, but i remember there being a lot of weird “art” on campus. there’s this one thing that…well, it makes shadows or something, and you’re supposed to locate numbers in the shadows, or something like that…my memory’s kinda fuzzy (i went over 5 years ago).

    are you staying at the cornhusker hotel? they had a powerful shower. i remember that much…

  2. wahgnube says:

    Yes, I am at the Cornhusker. And what sort of name is that? I imagined some sort of farmhouse. The only cool bit is the showerhead.

    And I went to these art things as part of my long-drawn-totally-arbitrary walk and

    a. there’s very little interesting.
    b. the probably interesting areas were closed off for some work/renovation or some such.

    I took one picture of a nude female form. There were a ton of them strewn about here and there. But only because I had to take a picture to justify my walk time.

  3. anita says:

    yeah, come to think of it, i don’t recall seeing any corn fields while i was there…

    and their mascot is this…giant freaky boy that goes into spasms and starts shaking. it’s a sight to see. you can take pictures of him! : )

    do you get to leave soon or are you stuck there for a while? (i left my conference a day early and went to omaha instead)

  4. wahgnube says:

    I don’t get to leave until tomorrow. Which means I’ve been here from Saturday through Thursday.


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