Monday, September the 29th, 2003

I should be working on some numerical methods right now. I don’t feel like it anymore. That’s all I’ve been doing for a while and that’s all I do. Work? – numerical methods. Coursework? – numerical methods. HW for coursework? – You guessed it, numerical methods.

And it’s never some simple difference scheme either, it always has to be some totally opaque variational weak form thing. Like it just HAS TO BE.

Right now, I wish I were some analytical closed form calculus god, to not ever see another opaque numerical method, ever. Well, at least for the next half an hour or so, while I’m on this “break” anyway.

Why do things in life behave this way? Why don’t they realize we’re essentially quite stupid a race, and dumb down their behaviour so they can be modelled by some polynomial or something? Why, WHY?

Actually, I am totally ok with it. I won’t be attempting to major in it otherwise. It’s just, I’ve been staring for the past half an hour at some scheme whose result’s infinity norm DOESN’T change as it’s SUPPOSED to with other parameters. And I can’t see why.

Which reminds me, I’ve got to get some sort of MathMLisms working on this page, so that I can scream, formally. I’ve seen some radically advanced sites, which steal their equations straight out of their LaTeX source and pipe out MathML for browsers to render. Which is cool, in a formal screaming way.

Totally unrelated, this blog had its second signup, apart from me of course. The more (silent lurker types,) the merrier I always say.

Oh my, this little break thing has replenished my enthusiasm to work with the equations again. Back to work.

Before which, I need to move to some totally far away spot. The dude on a computer next to me is all CONTINUOUSLY fiddling trying to straighten his hair, and it’s annoying me more than it ought to. COME ON FOOL, it’s like 3mm in length, you can’t do anything about it, and it looks perfectly fine as it is.

Carefully adjust adjust adjust. No difference. Adjust adjust adjust. No difference. Adjust adjust adjust. No difference…

GAH! Can’t you see the pattern?

And hah, for some reason I googled it, and found this site. Googling has become an involuntary activity like breathing, there was no active thought going on, it just happened.

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