Thursday, December the 11th, 2003

Woke. Worked for a bit. Had the usual research meet that ran for a lot longer than usual. Worked for a bit. And now I’m feeling done for the day.

No, that wasn’t odd at all. I lied.

And wohoo, apparently my handwriting does not suck. And there shouldn’t be any more pictures of the day for a bit. I ought to get some things “up and running” in my life. Yes, far more important things than photography. Well, ok, just one. And I know I cheated.

The Boondocks
Click it to read it in all it’s glory. THE COMIC DOES NOT REFLECT MY VIEWS ON ANYTHING. I just find it insanely funny, and the only reason to pick up the paper each day.

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2 Responses to “Odd day”

  1. This be from the paper?Its riotous.
    And not to worry , we’ll work on refining your views to dovetail with his.

  2. wahgnube says:

    Yes, it’s from the local paper. And no, you will do no such thing, evil one.

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