Tuesday, September the 1st, 2009

I barely got any sleep over the weekend, and nearly all my time awake was spent having fun. It began with a concert (where I was the only non-white person in the crowd!) on Friday evening and ended on my couch in the wee hours of Monday morn over an episode of Nip/Tuck along with my friends. The events in between are still a bit fuzzy in my mind, but I remember it being a blast.

When I was first contemplating coming to Scandinavia over a year ago now, I thought of the move as a very temporary step. Like it was some unpleasant detour I needed to take before I proceeded with the actual course of my life—where I’d have interesting and fun things to do, where I’d form bonds with like-minded people, where I’d feel peaceful and relaxed… but the more I think about it, the clearer it becomes that I already have all these things. Right here, right now. This place has been good to me. The people I get to be with are warm and friendly. Work is interesting and relaxed. I spend a lot more time doing fun things—including activities outdoors. I eat healthier. I feel healthier. I make more money, and I live a lot better.

But why am I bringing any of this up now? I think it’s because the chance I have to go to Cambridge has resurfaced again, and I am not convinced I should leave all of this behind.

Even if it is a fancy uni. Even if everyone there speaks English by default. And even if the population there is a lot more diverse.

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2 Responses to “Perhaps a coin flip”

  1. Pawan says:

    I do not know you. But I should tell, you are one lucky dude to be in Scandinavia. I myself would like to be there, but I should wait till by bachelor degree gets over!

    Btw, do you watch any Scandinavian movies?
    I love them a lot!

    • pundit says:

      Before moving here, I wasn’t at all sure what I was doing or how things would be. But I must confess, it’s all been extremely pleasant. I will highly recommend you take a trip here when you get the opportunity.

      I have tried sitting through two Norwegian films (in Norwegian, without subtitles), but didn’t get very far. While their visual styles were interesting, I am not sure I understood enough to form an informed opinion.

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