Monday, November the 3rd, 2003

In order to avoid the drama that was caused due to skipping sleep for a few nights before the previous work submission date, I’ve decided to start in a bit, and not wait for something like 1 A.M and stay up all night.

Or so I keep telling myself at the moment. It’s just, sheesh, I am not too keen about finishing before deadlines.

And hmm, how is it that India is the country of origin for the largest number of international students? Just who are these people ;) ? And why California? And just how is it that these poor souls’ (now) poorer parents cough up nearly $12 billion dollars towards the U.S. economy?

I wonder. Hmmm.

Nearly 75% of all international student funding comes from personal and family sources or other sources outside of the United States.


And totally unrelated, I’ve been asking people whether folia(rson)age is like a decent name for our friend. And while they all agree it’s a half decent picture, they don’t see the humour or tremendous (well, not really) thought process behind the name and think it’s lame. I guess this means I am open to suggestions. I need a name before I can move it into the artwork page.

While on the topic of pictures, I just have to link to two of the saddest (as in depressing sad, not bad sad) works of art I have ever seen. And yes, they almost brought a tear. The first one is at deviant prints and the second one was a a piece I saw at the art fair here.

Vaguely related, I have been playing around with the new Blender. The GUI’s totally (well, almost) hacked and it looks sweet. Yes, it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that you were one of the many responsible for coughing up 100,000 Euro for freeing the cool 3D modeller with a name that sounds like it belongs in a kitchen.

And getting overly concerned over the recent chaos about bad things happening to people saying things in their blogs, I have been working on the new disclaimer. Actually, right now it’s just stolen from another place and cheap hacked. But I’ve got the first (extremely rough) draft of one section of the thing ready. Yes, it isn’t too much different from the place I stole it from.

I retain the right to change this at any point of time, without notice. It is assumed you are reading this at regular intervals and your presence on the site assumes compliance with the terms below. Especially the bits about not using the information you read here to (or relaying it to anyone who can and probably will) hurt me in any way.

Personal relationships and privacy

Please do not assume that you know everything there is to know about me simply because you read my blog on a regular basis. Any judgements you make will be based on information I have provided, which is probably vague, incomplete or embellished. Whatever opinion you form on about me as a person, other people I mention, or our lives as a whole, is probably best kept to yourself. An obvious exception to this would be if I actually asked you for your advice or opinions.

Never contact me for more details on events or personal information than what I have already provided on the site. Chances are if the information you seek isn’t readily available, I have found it too personal or innapropriate to share. If you are close to me, I will eventually tell you privately, so intrusive questions are not necessary, just leave it alone. If you are meant to know, you will.

If you have a real life relationship with me, make sure I know that you read my site, especially if I did not tell you personally.

If I do not want you reading my blog, you should respect this and plese stop reading it. More importantly, never relay any information you gather here to others who might use it against me.

If I write something about about you and you don’t appreciate it, please let me know, in a calm and polite way. I realize that you are entitled to your privacy as well. I don’t use names when I have something negative to say, but if I do, and it bothers you, let me know.

People who have previously been cut out from my life should refrain from reading this blog. If the relationship has ended, there is no reason you should get daily updates on my life. If you simply can’t help yourself, do it quietly, and please don’t use what you read or use it to hurt me.

And now I really ought to get back to planning how I should convince myself to get back to work.

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