Monday, August the 4th, 2003

Here I am, the dude who felt he’d achieved software nirvana by going all free software, happily browsing (tralla llalaa laa) in my relative’s place (on a fully non-free software box). You’ve got to see where I’m coming from. The browser I normally use hasn’t offered me a popup in like three years or something. I’ve seen these dastardly lil things before, just it’d usually be some crappy animated gif of some purple (or if the artist is less drunk, a brown) monkey or something. So I’d stay clear of it.

Anyway, three or so years later, after being popup free, here I am, and WHAM, this pops up.


For a second I scan it, and go, hmm, right OS, right browser, must be.. and almost click it (with an emphasis on almost). Man this was good stuff. Complete with a seemingly functional File menu button and so on (all options taking you back to its intended site). I resist the urge to click OK and right click and view source instead. Some pretty 1337 javascript and things. So, evidently, popup writers haven’t been sitting idle all these years.

Very cool stuff. Somehow, if they learn to “read” system theme colours and match them better, these people will get tons of hits.

Very evil, but very cool.

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