Friday, February the 25th, 2005

This friend of mine, she has a really odd way of looking at the world.

Let me explain. Or better yet, let me resort to the much famed conversation excerpt.

Me: *Says something random and irrelevant.* (as usual)
She: “Oh no, don’t tell me you’ve turned gay too.”
Me: “Huh? Do you hear how ridiculous you sound? One doesn’t turn gay.”
She: “Oh, really? A lot of Indian guys I know have miraculously become gay after being in this country for a short while.”
Me: *Stiffles guffaw* “You don’t say.”
She: “Yep, and it’s a typical male thing to do too. They’re irresponsible, and do it because they can have fun without regards to any repercussion”.
(I think she means, apart from risking the usual STDs, being socially stigmatized, the obvious physical discomfort …)
Me: “So, you’re saying they do this because it then means they have nothing to worry about?”
She: “Yes, there isn’t the risk of an unwanted pregnancy.”
Me: *Bursts out laughing, and gets the cold glare he doesn’t have the guts to meet.*

Like I started off saying, sometimes, the way people see things is just odd.

And for the record, this is a true story and hasn’t been arbitrarily concocted.


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