Saturday, June the 12th, 2004

I cannot believe I am going to be home in a couple of days.

*Points to ultra jazzy counter thingy above*

I, obviously, haven’t finished shopping, or packing or even deciding what to pack. I haven’t seen my tickets carefully enough to figure out when it is exactly I am leaving. Even if I do, I am bound to see AM as PM or some other such thing. I don’t know how I plan to get to the airport. And I’ve already assumed I’m going to get stuff stolen from my bag in Bombay, and have exhausted my quota of being mad. Weird huh?

But I am finished with most of the work work I wanted to do. The past few days I have been quite… god like. Anything I’ve wanted to get done, I’ve gotten done. Even cooler, when I was cleaning my desk at work I found a couple of TODO lists I’d written about 8 months to a year ago. It seemed insanely ambitious at the time, and was quite depressing to look at considering I assumed I wouldn’t ever get close to finishing it.

I’m happy to announce I’ve done all that, and more.

Woah, totally extremely pleasant surprise. I just had something vaguely analogous to an orgasm, no bodily fluids being involved. People have told me they’ve had similar experiences during a particularly delectable meal. I achieved said state listening to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performing some Oasis classics.


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