Thursday, December the 16th, 2004
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Pretty Purpley-Orange

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5 Responses to “Pretty Purpley-Orange”

  1. chiaroscuro says:

    i have to filch this for my desktop.

  2. pundit says:

    Of course, the obvious question is what resolution would you like the original scaled down to?

    (This 640×480 pixel^2 thingy won’t be nearly enough. And while I’m pimping stuff anyway, here are other sunrise/set pictures.)

  3. chiaroscuro says:

    automotive reflections is esp. fabulous!

  4. pundit says:

    Why thank you. I must now go and have that conversation I’ve always wanted to with all those people who looked at me like some crazy person when I was shining the hood to make it my mirror.

  5. vibgyor says:

    i am what i am
    freakingly fabulous

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