Friday, January the 28th, 2005

When you’ve been in grad school long enough, like some people I know (hint hint), certain things become extremely clear. For instance, it is obvious that beyond a point, the ability to cope with intellectual challenges that crop up has nothing to do with “completing” this long and arduous journey. It is just a big endurance test, and there are times when all roads look like they’ve been paved with extremely hot jagged rock, just because. The trick, of course, is to not lose sanity, remain calm, and ride out the storm until you come out victorious.

By victorious, I obviously mean not mad, and not completely bald.

During this quest, one ends up looking for motivation to hang in there from the oddest of sources. That random gorgeous woman who works a couple of labs down the hallway, for instance.

I hate it when my motivators get married

to other people.

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