Wednesday, December the 14th, 2005

Random walk

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4 Responses to “Random walk”

  1. stchatterbox says:

    how did you take this picture? oh, mind to share with us? looks like a little miracle!

  2. pundit says:

    Sure! I just followed the ideas described in that link above (on my previous comment).

    1. Make sure your room is quite dark.
    2. Find some small source of light (LEDs, bulbs, candles, …). I used the lights in the front of my modem.
    3. Set the exposure time on your camera to a large value (few seconds).
    4. Stand few feet away from this light, focus on it, release the shutter and throw and catch your camera.
    5. In the few seconds it is bouncing around, it will see what it sees! Like this image I’ve posted.

  3. niyati says:


    i think this is going to go well…..i just look for the final picture…and u think about the techniques too.

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