Saturday, April the 9th, 2005

I just got back from pretty much an all night bar/club hop. Some observations:

1. Most of these places are dilapidated pieces of crap. It’s just that you have to be sober to notice.
2. The people flocking to them (including the supposed hotties straddling their poles) really aren’t all that pretty. Again, it’s just that you have to be sober to notice.
3. You know you’re old when you can be tired just by watching someone else have trying to have fun.
4. Prolonged exposure to dense cigarette smoke causes blindness.
5. I amn’t kidding when I keep saying I’m socially stunted. But then again, as with the business plan of the owners of these establishments, it doesn’t matter if everyone’s too drunk to notice.
6. Bouncers are paid to appear mean. They’re really nice people.
7. Good music is good music, however annoyingly loud it’s played.

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