Tuesday, May the 31st, 2005

Here is a roundup of recent occurrences that I’ve been meaning to write about, but obviously haven’t gotten around to doing.

» My mom and bro are here! They’ve been here for a while now, and doing the rounds visiting relatives and sight seeing (for like the 34th time), from Manhattan to the little town in the middle of nowhere, Ann Arbor. The sad part is, though they’ve been here for almost 2 weeks now, I’ve only spent like 3 days with them.

» The sadder part is, my brother stole my GameCube and all my games when he was around (to play elsewhere when here? he is going to return it before he leaves, right?). Now I miss it. I miss coming home, and not having anything to enhance the progression of my carpal tunnel syndrome.

» It’s not helping that I leave for my first talk this afternoon. I’m heading off to some southern state best known for, uhm, its swamps, I think. Yes people, whoopidedoo. All that’s left to do is actually prepare for said talk, make sure tickets and such are in order, find a ride to the airport, pack stuff, and find a bag to pack said stuff in. Not bad, given I actually have few hours to go before the plane takes off.

» Stuff for future trips, including visas and such are also falling in place. Which means I’m all set to gallivant all across this country (including my beloved Cambridge Mass) and few others in Europe. Am I excited? Not really anymore, I’m just tired at the prospect.

» And oh, my mom bought me stuff. I bought her nothing, even though she was here on her birthday. I forgot, after being reminded twice. You be the judge as to my degree of evilness.

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