Saturday, September the 27th, 2003

Well, most of the day any how. Ran away from home for the weekend, from ticking clocks and what not. Some time during the day, I felt a bit bad as I saw this site. I mean, I had “taken over” site management and all that and just done some hasty cut and paste jobs from previous years. Yes, it was just some elaborate google bomb attempt.

Update: This whole post is pretty much null and void as I’ve over written the sad(der) looking site. So I’ve linked above to the previous years page (where I had stolen from), just to compare things.

No one seemed to care, but it was a bit much for me. So this was born. It’s not ready ready yet. Some stuff needs to be added/changed and there will be some gross errors. Most importantly, that orange patch on the top left is just a placeholder for a logo. Unless, hmm…

Orange Rectangle

No, I can’t pass it off as some new agey logo, unless, hmm, I come up with some brilliant fib about “simplicity”. Hmmm, no.

Work involved apart, got to learn some XHTML. Unfortunately, it’s the least rocket sciencey of knowledge. And I love tables.

And totally unrelated but very important, to me, my watch lives!

Update: The new logo is cheesy and not entirely original but what the heck, I’ve got real life and all that to worry about.

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