Sunday, November the 27th, 2005

Before I proceed, here are a bunch of ads:

1. eye is less lax about updating delineate, so check it out.
2. h has written up something he’s been wanting to for a long long time. It might not be informative to many, but he feels much better anyway.
3. I’m nearly down with the concept of being vegan, but freeganism is just a bit much. Icky.

Often times, I do stupid things. For reasons best left unexplained, I carefully sort my riches out into different accounts based on ease of retrieval, interest rates, purpose of savings, and so on. While all this is well and good, it makes absolutely no sense when you make no money!

It is a nightmare to manage. And now what’s happened is I’ve lost track of a few of them. Amongst these include those that ought not to be depleted, but are. This is very bad news.

Why the fuck can’t I leave personal financial planning to those who know what they’re doing?

I am a scientist, not a jew, damn it.

This web log is slowly going to abuse freedom of speech, just like all the stand-up comics its author aims to emulate. Not to worry, it will eventually be an equal opportunity offender.

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