Saturday, March the 27th, 2004

Ahh yes, an update on my inherent lonerisms and consequent lack of social skill. There was a bit of confusion brewing between a bunch of people when I tried to step in and chip in my (not necessarily warranted) two cents. And now:

Party A –

Thanks for being a voice of reason. I’ll never claim that I am a saint and like most folks I loose my temper every now and then.

An overly idealistic view in retrospect :)

I hope I can give back somehow.

Party A”

Party B –

“(To me)
Indeed. Your efforts are appreciated.

And thank you pundit, for being respectful and constructive throughout this whole thing. If only there were more people like you, and less people like Party A, the world would be a better place.

Party B”

Maybe I’m not so “inherently flawed” at this people thing. There is hope.

Yes there is.


Party C –

> New contributors should follow pundit’s example and not Party A’s.

pundit is awesome, no debate there.”

Hmm. Just what is it that’s going on?

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