Sunday, August the 22nd, 2004

After some more work, delineate’s beginning to look a lot more like that picture I drew. So here’s the regular drill.

How it looks in my head/the GIMP.
Here’s how it looks now on my internet explorer.
(Screwed, but will be fixed.)
Here’s how it looks now on my mozilla.

How does it render on your browser?

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3 Responses to “Some more hacking”

  1. pramila says:

    renders pretty good actually

  2. wahgnube says:

    Thanks. And your browser/platform?

  3. Vigvg says:

    It renders fine. Im not sure about the buttons. Please feel free to ignore all of the following:
    1. Will you have multiple posts per day ? In which case, directional buttons make sense. If it is strictly only one post per day, then yesterday-tomorrow buttons perhaps ?
    2. I love the fonts and the creation of the boxed text entries in the footer.
    3. Im not sure the color is looking right on my monitor. I have a whacky 21 inch display at work and Im pretty sure the color is off. So…
    Either way, great job.

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