Friday, July the 30th, 2004


Now, you’ve all seen movies haven’t you? I’m pretty certain a good chunk of you’ve seen at least one movie from my part of the world. The storyline is usually fairly generic:

  — Hmmish guy meets desireable woman.
  — He’s instantly smitten (expected, considering she’s very desireable).
  — He professes his undying love for her. She’s like, “Oh, hmm.”
  — He pursues her while she is unsure (expected, considering he’s hmmish).
  — <Insert random deterrant to a happy ending here. (Usually girl’s evil dad.)>
  — But yet our hmmmish guy will circumvent all that and more to win her heart. She will finally admit that she likes him too and they will live happily ever after.

Fairly generic, with the usual variation being directed toward the trivial things – like the country in which the movie is shot or the number of songs in the movie… stuff like that. If real life were close, random generic guys would have some clue as to how to go about their lives.

Never once in their fishing story lines does it ever involve:

  — Intelligent, funny, caring, beautiful woman falling for quite ordinary guy. (Note reversal of direction from generic storyline above.)
  — Feeling comfortable enough to tell him so. (Again, note reversal of direction from generic storyline above.)
  — Getting him all excited and euphoric. (Note difference in response from generic storyline above.)
  — Feel so insecure about their own fishing selves to feel they aren’t worthy of reciprocation. (?!?)
  — Leave the scene. (?!?)
  — One abandoned normal guy remains. (Note extreme difference in end outcome.)

How the fish does random normal guy know how to deal with it? If it happened once, it’s some freak one off occurance. If it happened again, is our average guy some sort of weird freak who’s destined to forever experience this sort of behaviour?

God damn it people. You’re intelligent, caring, funny, attractive, independent… at least acknowledge that someone could see all this about you.

Maybe I should quit whatever it is I do and become a movie story writer or a director or something. This way I can make generic-average-guy-movies which real generic average guys can actually relate to.

*BFTP – Blast from the past. This is just a buffer purge, like so.

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5 Responses to “(South Asian?) Movies and Reality”

  1. me says:

    leave the scene and abandoned normal?ur 70mm imaginaton may warrant a self-proclaimed weird freak ,who actually is a very cool person,being hurt over and over again.But reality also warrants insecure,stupid,losers in the name of women not being needed

  2. me says:

    how does this sound?man does not need woman and leaves her in mystery and blames time and distance for it

  3. me says:

    sounds pretty bad to me

  4. wahgnube says:

    Calm down. Replied to the e-mail.

  5. D says:

    i’m lost.

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