Thursday, November the 27th, 2003

Spent of most of the morning organizing and sorting things. Threw out some 1.5 Kg of paper. I mean, I did dump it in a recycling bin, but it did seem like an awful waste. I really ought to be a bit more tree friendly. I can finally see all areas of my desk at work. Which is somehow good. Except, I don’t know, paper strewn all around gives anyone a pseudo “I am busy” effect, which is strangely missing now.

It all started when I was staring at a huge pile of useful and junk paper as I was deciding what I wanted to take with me during one of the “holiday weekends”. Two hours and 80% junk removal later, I realized all that I really needed was already in this one folder. Ah well, being unnecessarily organized never killed anybody. Anyway, packed up and left in the late afternoon. Four day weekends are good.

At some 5-6 in the evening, didn’t have anything to do. All packed and ready to run away from home and the uni. Since the sun sets really early, decided to take a longish “stare into the sky” walk outside. It was dark. Found a quiet, unlit path and marched off. The sky was insanely clear and I couldn’t help but stare. Parts of the walk were… I was almost sleep walking. Dream walking? I don’t know. Whatever it was, it was a very peaceful and mind relaxing experience. Got back to this small hill just outside my home, and lay there and stared into space for a while. Don’t quite know how long. I’ve never seen the sky so clearly. Ears were covered, but I did feel quite chilly. Got back home. Just in time. Ashwin picked me up on his way in from Chicago.

Now, generally chilling.

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