Thursday, November the 4th, 2004

The following is an excerpt of a converstation between a random guy at my street corner and a homeless woman thereabouts. Oh, and the guy had white earphones on.

Random Homeless Woman: Oh, you have yourself one of them iPods huh?
Random Guy with iPod: Why, hello. Yes, I do.
RHW: One day, when I get rich and famous I am going to get myself an iPod.
RGWi: Uh, you don’t, errr, yes, good idea.
RHW: The sound quality must be awesome huh?
RGWi: It’s pretty good. I like it.
RHW: You know, once I publish my best selling book and get famous, I will have one of those. But first I have to write it.
RGWi: Yes, that’s a first step.
RHW: Wish me luck.
RGWi: Good luck with your book.
RHW: Thanks! Have a nice day.
RGWi: And a good day to you too ma’am.

Now you’ll begin to wonder, given the ease with which he was maintaining the conversation, whether he actually had a player or was just sticking the earphones into his ears as a fashion accessory.

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3 Responses to “Status: iPod”

  1. pUl| says:

    Not quite, probably.

    Lets say he had an iPod (Note: He could well be owning one and not carrying it along at the time the conversation took place). On the basis of our current assumption, he was speaking the truth which, by the way “probably”, is of seemingly ‘little significance’ to the Woman, who, in the given the context is categorized/described as homeless. To add to the triviality, the man receives no immediate response to his question: “WHY, hello. Yes I do.”

    Furthermore, certain other interesting inferences can be derived from the conversation. It appears to ‘me’ that the object of the talk from the standpoint of the Woman was to obtain an opinion on some issue and/or possibly strike an un-preconceived conversation. And again, you do not need to be famous in order to posess an iPod? Ok, that probably came in the flow.

    Now whether he lied to the woman “seems” quite insignificant to ‘me’ given the apt (IMO) and very reasonable reponse to a random person?

    But again, drawing conclusive inferences from this excerpt is certainly questionable?

    PS: I like this “riddle”. *chuckle*

  2. wahgnube says:

    Eeeeeek! Dude, what are you talking about? Total communication gap. This wasn’t a riddle, just an observation as to what sort of status symbol the iPod can be looked at to be.

    And that last line about me wondering whether he actually had an iPod was a poor attempt at some tangential humour. I can’t, for instance, be listening to something I’m into and maintain a conversation, or do anything else.

    – “Why, hello. Yes I do.” is not a question. It is how some people (I) talk. For instance, you go “hello”, I go, “why hello there, good morning” or something.
    – I usually use question marks when I actually mean it to be a question.
    – I’ve reread what you’ve written some 4 times and still haven’t a clue as to what is being said. Which is probably the way you look at the excerpt.

    It doesn’t matter. It isn’t important.

  3. pUl| says:

    It doesn’t matter. It isn’t important.

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