Thursday, August the 24th, 2006

Like I’ve been trying to say, there is much going on but I have been unable to write for quite some time. I assure you I will get back to it when I get back to it. Until then however, here are a few pictures from last month’s art fair.

Decorative windmill

Godzilla shirt

Hippy clothes

Picture in picture

Feeding her dog

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2 Responses to “Street art”

  1. Pramila says:

    brilliantly colourfull..

    and yes… its always wonderful when someone believes in you! :o) ….i’m so thrilled for you – ahem, i probably needn’t say that after all the gushing on the phone! ;o)

    anyway, when do we start on the math buddy!

  2. pundit says:


    I guess we start on real work when I start to calm down and return to the real world. (It doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon though.)

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