Wednesday, February the 18th, 2004

One of those days again. The feeling of loss with never real gain days. They suck so much.

I’ve been trying stuff to get the picture pages automation enabled. I am leaning on original to do this for me.

It will be themed to match the site, before (if) it becomes the default picture handling thing. It took like 30s to make this gallery of images, as opposed to the hour it would have taken to do by hand. It is worth it, I think.

It’s at: /photos/

Thoughts? Before you hastily say, “it sucks”, it can be themed to be niceish. Like here. (Just make sure you’re seeing the gorilla theme.)

Update: WOAH! THIS IS HUGE. All these, “let’s keep my brain occupied so that I don’t worry about life issues” days are turning out to be:
a) too frequent for comfort
b) insanely productive! (discounting life crushing events of course)
c) the days when you get to enjoy brilliantly conceived uninteresting tech drivel because I don’t know how else to express what else is going on.

In a moment of bravery and things, made a sort of “copy” of this blog and updated that to wordpress. The theme will be reverted to this blue-grey one in time, but the backend will now move to a much newer codebase. Which I am guessing is a lot cooler, functionally.

Check it out here:

Please don’t comment there. Yes, you, you know who you are. The database tables will not be synced in the future when I fully move to that “officially”. Your words of wisdom will be lost. Forever.

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3 Responses to “Tech trials”

  1. puli says:

    goodie goodie, its insanely neat.

    Perhaps, a little rescaling of thumbnails to a unform size would make it look nicer (not that it’s “just nice” right now) ;)

  2. wahgnube says:

    It needs a lot more work than that. It is quite ugly right now.

  3. puli says:

    guess, i was being a “little” too nice ;)

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