Monday, February the 2nd, 2009

(Can you taste the delicious irony?)

From flamewars defending one’s favourite publishing platform, to worrying too much about specific versions of obscure software plug-ins, to constantly tweaking the appearance of blogs, there’s an unfortunate tendency in the blogosphere to focus incessantly on the technical aspects of blogging to the detriment of everything else. In an attempt to buck the trend a little and bring into focus what’s really important—high-quality content—here are ten quick tips to improve your writing on-line:

  1. Focus on the things you know, enjoy and are passionate about.
  2. Never publish your first draft. Nor your second.
  3. Read your entries out loud. It’s amazing how many errors missed when silently scanning words get caught when you hear them out loud.
  4. Find a writing and publishing schedule that works for you. And stick to it.
  5. Recognise that this is not publishing on paper; things can be perpetually improved. Continue to evolve your entries even after they’ve made it to your web site.
  6. Learn to use a thesaurus and a dictionary to make your writing more apt (and stylish!).
  7. Know and engage your audience.
  8. While your writing environment (different blogging software, word processors, text editors, paper and pencil, …) is not of central concern, make sure you choose one that doesn’t get in the way.
  9. Don’t be reluctant to experiment with different writing styles until you figure out one that works for you.

I know I said I’d share ten blogging tips but only ended up presenting nine. Would you like to help me complete the list above?

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2 Responses to “Ten tips for better writing”

  1. Michelle says:

    Include relevant, interesting pictures when applicable. This might help cut down on how many words you need to include in your post, which is helpful for those who enjoy reading a lot of blogs but don’t necessarily have time to do it.

    I totally pulled that out of the air, but I think it rings true.

    Did you change your blog font?

  2. pundit says:

    I’m experimenting with the font and a bunch of other things. I’m trying to tie in mu.a.l and a.l in a somewhat coherent way and I’m not particularly happy with how things are right now.

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