Wednesday, June the 30th, 2004

Imagine how things would have been if the delivery of my luggage hadn’t been expedited.



The clowns. *Shudder*

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2 Responses to “Thank god they rushed it”

  1. bor-ming ou says:


    May I have your permission to use the “Expedite Baggage, Rush” image for a vocabulary book I am writing for Taiwanese students? I may also use it in a future vocab website. Both activities wil be for profit. I will use it to explain the word “expedite.”

    However, since many images will be inlcuded in the book and website, I am only looking for royalty-free ones at this time, but I am hoping you would grand me this request. Proper credits will be provided.

    Thank you so much.


    Bor-Ming Ou
    (Formally of Taiwan, now California, USA)

  2. wahgnube says:

    Sure, be my guest. I have uploaded a larger version of the image here.

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