Thursday, July the 20th, 2006

What were the geniuses who formulate aviation policy smoking?

On the first leg of my journey to LA, there was a frickin’ light-bulb that was out on the plane, and they freaked out and refused to take-off until it was rectified. And it wasn’t even some semi-important bulb either, like the plane’s headlights(?), but the little thing that illuminates the row number. It turned out that 21 was the offending row.

I remember because it was my row.

This pushed departure by some half an hour. Apparently, “federal regulations” make taking-off with this sort of life-threatening problem a strict nono.

And then, on the second leg of my journey, one of the plane’s ENGINES refused to start, and they had to hook it up to some external life-support doohickey even to barely get it up. In the meanwhile, we got to hear the pilot tell us such reassuring things as, “Now you’re going to hear noises—like a dog whine—for just a bit, but I assure you it’s normal.” Normal?

This flight was in no way delayed.


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2 Responses to “The joys of aviation policy”

  1. Bloggeries says:

    I can remember a few years back on a trip to Nevada, the flight attendant on our plane thought it would be good to inject a bit of humor into the normal “Here is how to use the Life Vest” speech. AT some point during the speech, she was just about to explain how to use the seat cushions, and instead of the normal phrase of “Water landing” she says this. “In the event that this flight should become a cruise, your seat cushion will be of absolutely no use to you.”

    AHHH…Are we there yet?

  2. pundit says:

    Haha, the tribulations induced by wannabe comedians.

    But, scary or not, you have to admit that was pretty funny.

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