Tuesday, May the 9th, 2006

Looking around, you can’t help but notice the first sightings of the much-missed hemline. And with rising hemlines, you can’t help but acknowledge the onset of spring. As much fun as winter clothes are—leaving so much to the imagination—this is a very welcome change; one that makes you thank the stars you were born a guy.

And just as you’re beginning to revel in this newfound pleasant change of scenery, in comes “graduation day,” and before you can say “waxed legs,” the entire town is deserted; leaving behind only the science and engineering grad students, of course.

No, it’s not like they’re busy, but it’s just that they have nothing else happening in their lives; forcing them to hover around their natural habitat—their labs.

With this cheery weather though, and a schedule freed-up by the lack of classes, I’ve managed to effect some changes into my life. I will get into details regarding this later, but apart from becoming “mostly vegan,” I’ve begun to walk to and from work each day; a 45 minute walk each way.

And by 45 minutes, I mean 45 minutes, at my pace.

I’m the sorts who, literally, stops to smell the roses and skips stones across ponds. Anyway, a combination of changing my nutritional patterns and this daily trek has resulted in me losing about 13 pounds over the past 2 weeks. This leaves me just 3.13 kg shy of the mass I aim to be at. (The astute would have noticed the little I trick I played with units—lb and kg—in the previous sentence.)

No-effort weight-loss. Another one of the three or so reasons it’s good to be a guy. Ironically, my clothes fit worse. It’s like I feel dorky and wimpy in them now.

During some—also much-missed—time in the sun, I happened to see two Mini Coopers yesterday. This is a strange occurrence, because not too many people—everyone’s a poor student—seem to own one around here.

One of these was a cute, yellow coloured convertible with its top down. It had the license plate ‘NIMBLE.’ Both, however, were driven by elderly women; so I’m sure she was using the word NIMBLE in reference to the handling of the car.

Or, was she?

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7 Responses to “The joys of spring – I/II”

  1. Michelle says:

    Completely unrelated…you’ve been reviewed. 5 stars, too!

  2. pUl| says:

    I was startled to see this: “…and has worked so very hard for it…”.

    But then it occurred to me that this was merely the opinion of the reviewer. Because by your metric, you really never had to work *too* hard to get anything done.

  3. pundit says:

    Michelle: Oh joy! I must admit I was very flattered by the glowing review. I didn’t think that anyone who didn’t frequent this place would find it remotely interesting.

  4. pundit says:

    pUl|: I’ve said it before (bullet point 6) and I’ll say it again: Please don’t assume anything about me or my life just because you read this site. To which I add: But if you want to form a glowing, positive impression, go on right ahead! I won’t get in your way.

  5. pUl| says:

    I’m not. I’m just curious. You can well choose to remain equivocal :)

  6. pundit says:

    What would you like me to say? Admit that I haven’t done an honest day’s work through the course of my life?

  7. pUl| says:

    Different people have different metrics for work or *hard* work or whatever. All I did state was that by your metric, you really did not have to do much work to get something done. And this was not an assumption I made on some flaky basis such as the fact that I frequent this site often. I simply know that it isn’t possible for anyone to get something done without putting in the required effort, which you also agree to.

    Peace :)

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