Friday, September the 15th, 2006

meta-do (med·ə dū, n): Information about doing something.

This word is defined in a manner similar to meta-data, or information about data. Just as “Album Name,” for instance, is meta-data about an MP3 song file, “Sure honey, I’ll take out the trash” is a meta-do; it is a statement describing an act.

As in, “Who is taking out the trash? I am.”

One thing yours truly had mastered at a very early age was the art of the meta-do. After carefully homing the craft through years of avoiding work around the house (“Go clean up your room this instant young man!”), he began to slowly apply this skill to all other walks of life.

The beauty and simplicity of this concept lies in the fact that, often times, people don’t really need anything done, but would like to feel like you’re willing and able. Realising this, I often go ahead and do just that—I never miss a chance to tell people what I am going to do “for them.” And that’s it, voilà, they employ me, adore me immensely, … until I really have to do something.

But before then, it’s too late. The con-man has already weaselled his way in… to their pants.

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2 Responses to “The joys of the meta-do”

  1. J says:

    Hmm… so would you miss a chance to tell people what you are going to do “for me”?

  2. pundit says:

    Of course not. I’d gladly go the mall with you and do one of two things:

    Excitedly hang out and comment on things that you’re interested in/try out and help pay for them if you like them.


    Effect the other plan involving distracting people and driving the getaway car if the goodies are not really worth paying for!

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