Thursday, February the 5th, 2004

I have been trying real hard to get something down here today. I want to say it. But I don’t know what it is that I want to say. I think I get, but I can never be sure. I am a male, and not a very bright one either. I’ve been typing and backspacing so much the key is stuck. So I decided not to talk about things I can never be sure I understand. During this period, I found this woman’s photolog. Apart from being very good, strangely enough, (her take on?) patterns soothe me and make me smile. You have to check it out. It was a little slow when I tried it, but totally worth the wait.

Since I was having so much trouble with things probably beyond my realm of comprehension, I decided to stick with what I think I do know.

As was noticed (rather quickly I might add) and pointed out on quickies, parts of the picture pages were left broken last evening. Firstly, I was shocked that I left it in that state without realizing. I have never done something like this before. I am usually quite thorough, at least when it comes to things like this. Apparently, yesterday was not the greatest of days to attempt to forge ahead with the move.

What move?
The move out of the uni servers to the domain. Here are some highlights of what has been/will be going on in the near past/future.

Over the past few weeks, I have been slowly migrating the base template (this ultra hip… not, blue and grey style for the pages) to a set of PHP files for the header/footer/side boxes/navigation menu etc stripping down each page to just the essentials like a title and the content. All the other brouhahah like the overly complicated table system to draw the elements of the interface have been encapsulated into those PHP files.

There are some nagging concerns remaining, like the automation of the picture page. It is currently an absolute pain to update, and as a result doesn’t get updated, as I’ve now started pushing image content onto the weblog. That has to change. I have been trying out gallery and original. For now, both suck. If someone knows a better alternative, I’d like to know. My primary requirement is it should be customizable enough to fit into the site like any other page.

You may have also noticed I am slowly stripping away my name and real life contact information from the pages in the interest of privacy. Many a clueless anonymous email has been answered, and I think I have had enough. It’s kind of weird when you know who I am but I don’t have a clue about you, and yet have to respond appropriately. Plus there are issues relating to separating work and this, which has gone better than I imagined. There will eventually be no obvious way of getting between the two. Which now means I have to find a decent site counter other than the umich cgi I use now, and a new guestbook provider that fits within the framework of the site. The ones provided by my host, 1and1, look cheesy and just plain off. So suggestions for those are open too.

I have new plans for entropy, and have thought of some fixes to aggreg8. Minor fixes and updates to the other pages are also being carried out or have been marked to be carried out. Two sections, the older site news, and my resume section (obviously) have been deprecated. Older site news entries now merge into the weblog archives.

This site will then be its own entity, fully residing under the domain with no obvious connection to the uni servers, and consequently the real life me. Except of course my obscure point of view, whininess and other general meisms on the weblog and everywhere else.

Change needn’t be bad.

Did I really think you cared to know all of this? Course not. This is my way of talking without saying anything. And now, after ages, I go home early. I get to see Friends. If it’s a repeat I will be mad.

Actually, no, I won’t.

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4 Responses to “The move is imminent”

  1. Vigvg says:

    Yes, you can never have too much Friends.

  2. Puli says:

    really… I think not.

  3. mingei says:

    such lavish praise! (overcome smiley acting nonchalant) :)

  4. wahgnube says:

    Totally deserved I might add. Really really. And in some weird way, thank you. Don’t even bother asking why. I can’t explain.

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