Monday, December the 5th, 2005

I absolutely hate the fact that there is an entire meta-blogging industry out there run by these so-called experienced web gurus. These are the supposedly “early” (circa 2004) adopters of technology, and they pretty much get off on writing about writing, or writing about technology that makes weblogging possible (or easier). They’re the alpha bloggers and all the women flock to them. These are the kinds of people who use words like Web2.0 and AJAX and think they sound intelligent.

They pretty much seem to get off on this and don’t see the need to come up with any interesting topics of their own worth talking about, or even giving the rest of the world a peek into their lives. No, their entire post history reads like a giant help-the-clueless-newbie tutorial.

What is the intarweb?
How to blog?
What is blogging?
How to install blogging software?
How to customise blogging software?
How to draw an audience?
How to optimise your site’s position on a search engine? (Now these are the sleaziest of the lot)
And on and on…

You know what, just shut up. There are people out there who’ve been entrenched in technology for far longer. Things like maintaining a web page are not hard to do. And even if someone reaalllly technophobic needs to maintain a journal (on-line!), I don’t know, for survival, they have services like blogspot that even my grandma can find herself and use.

Get it into your thick skulls that you aren’t needed. Please stop mooching off the pseudo-celebrity status you’re so hung up on.

(As I intelligently get away with a meta-meta-post. A post about people who post about posting!)

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4 Responses to “The plague of the meta-bloggers”

  1. anonymiss says:

    *wonders if a post on people who post about other people posting about posting is a good idea*

  2. wahgnube says:

    Well, it just happened!

  3. Manjunath says:

    The buzz around web2.0 is getting on my nerves too. So much noise is being raised about stuff with no real inherent technology. Its true that lot of progress has been made on standardising the language of the web, making web pages look the same in all browsers with CSS, making client interaction richer with AJAX and so on. But these are not fundamental breakthroughs to boast so much about. The clout surrounding these people is really amusing..

  4. wahgnube says:

    Amen fellow rational-person-who-cuts-straight-through-the-noise.

    Fellow buzzword haters should catch Lugradio’s hype-err-shite on Episode 2, Season 3.

    Ironically enough, I linked you people to a “podcast”.

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