Tuesday, January the 27th, 2004

So here’s the thing. I was (unfortunately?) home early enough to catch the show last night. I say “I was early enough”, but what I probably mean is “I made sure I was early enough”. I could say it was pretty much a complete waste of my time, as she didn’t dump anybody yesterday, but I won’t. Why? Because it’s probably resulted in me trying to open my eyes.

Life is quite harsh, and though I am hoping like crazy reality isn’t how it is portrayed on these shows, I am not quite so sure any more. Things aren’t going entirely according to plan right now, which I know adds to my insecurities, but actually seeing it blatantly on a show like this just brings them out louder and clearer than I am ok with dealing with.

Just what is it I’m talking about? Yesterday was the day “the hunks” entered the scene along side our “average Joes” vying for the fair Larissa’s attention. First, this fished up show is just plain evil:
a) The “average guys” are waay below average in most respects.
b) The “hunks” are beyond extremely hot (and fully waxed). (And this is from a dude who thinks he’s straight.)
The Joes were getting creamed and will be, but will still stay humiliating themselves in order that we be entertained. But that is my beef with the show, not something that affected me personally.

Secondly, the way the woman glowed once they showed up. I mean she was all smiles and didn’t stop ONCE. Even more importantly, (to me, I being a guy), the Joes had to try so freaking hard (lighting a candle using lava from a volcano, say) to get a chance to give her a teeny peck on the cheek (where all she didn’t do was move away). But miraculously the connection with the hunks was so sudden that she was all over them in 30 s of they appearing on the set. Yes, hot tubs included.

Weird coincidence? I think not.

And all of this was just one half of the one-two punch. At one point, one of the people I was watching it with went something like “Oh those chiseled guys are inhuman. blah blah… blah blah.. regular guys like you and me”. Wooooooooooah. You AND ME? Back up the truck a bit buddy. Beep Beep Beep. I am not short and potbellied and bald for crying out loud. THAT WAS IT.

Yes, what I am trying to say is people are usually stupider than I assume, and tend to give more importance to certain aspects of people than those aspects deserve.

No, that’s not it. What I am trying to say is I probably should consider “working on the body” too.

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5 Responses to “The usual reality tv beef”

  1. anita says:

    i only caught a few minutes of it last night – the part where they were on the monkey bars. what that has to do with making one more date-worthy, i have no idea. when i heard they were playing dodge ball next, i turned the damn thing off.

  2. wahgnube says:

    Exactly what scared me. They had that, and then dodgeball. Obviously the dudes who don’t work out 19 hours a day got totally bashed. And I mean literally. After dodgeball, these “average guys” were on the floor bleeding or something.

    But since magically that’s the sort of thing that counts, the hunks “win” and get to go out with her. More importantly, she was beyond glowing and happy that they did.

    Like the 300 pound guys ever had a shot.

  3. Maybe the hunks were coincidentally nicer, smarter dudes?

  4. wahgnube says:

    No they weren’t.

    Prior to this they had an IQ test, which the hunks lost.They were so mean and full of themselves. Plus, they totally treated the woman (and I am guessing women in general) like dirt with extreme derogatory comments behind her back.

    Moral of the show being, none of that matters (to her?). Because they were faster from one end to the other on monkey bars, or could throw a ball harder.

  5. Prolly was just the chests.

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