Friday, December the 24th, 2004

I know you are probably waiting all eagerly for the conclusion of my earlier science history lesson, but you’ll have to wait a little bit more. This is just too easy. And oh, if you’re so inclined to celebrate such things, Merry Christmas.

A few days ago (I don’t really remember how few), the CEO of bazee (some small Indian online store thing that claims to have made it big since being bought by ebay) was arrested (and later released on bail) for peddling porn. Since I am sure, with no real research, that the Indian laws on distributing porn are nebulous and vague, it saw no real difference between this man actually peddling anything and some random person using his site’s services to auction/sell porn.

Was any of this the site’s parent company’s CEO’s responsibility? Did he deserve to be arrested? Who cares, none of this is really the interesting bit, not by a long shot.

The video in question was apparently this THIRTY-SEVEN SECOND clip involving a couple of high-school (seniors?) sweethearts at Delhi Public School pleasuring themselves orally. The deal here being, they’re not legally-old-enough and the video itself was taken without her knowledge.


This bloke shot his activities with his sweetheart on a PHONE and distributed the content via MULTIMEDIA MESSAGING. Here I am, in a “first world” country and everything, and the phone services aren’t that advanced, for any affordable plan. My god-damn phone can’t take a clip that lasts more than 7-8 seconds, even when I GIVE IT A TON OF RAM. And it looks CRAPPY. And I sure as hell can’t “magically send” it to anyone to save my life. Nor will they know what it’s about even if I could, SINCE IT LOOKS CRAPPY.

Seriously now, A FULL THIRTY-SEVEN seconds. Doesn’t anybody take the time to savour anything anymore? But come to think of it, that sounds about right.

Men have issues.

Like unnaturally weak jaws.

Ok, seriously, for real, now. Yes, this was taken without some poor girl’s knowledge, and there is a good chance her life (and the guy’s, and the IIT K dude who sold it, and bazee’s image, and bazee’s CEO) is going to be plagued by said incident. No really, on a more serious note, who cares? Stupid people should be mocked at. If you don’t want to be caught doing something, you don’t do it. Or be smart about it. Like LOOK AROUND. Check out the guy’s phone while you’re checking him out.

I am not really this mean a person, just WTF is going on here? After some thought, it was quite clear.

I always figured I was from some place which frowned upon simple public displays of affection, like holding hands. The thoughts/realizations that things are really extremely different and I was probably “just so undeserving” that I didn’t get to experience squat? got to me. At least I know I wouldn’t have used someone like so, capable phone or not.

And that was the only semi-serious thing in this entire post.

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  1. Anantha says:

    It was actually 2 minutes and 37 seconds.

  2. wahgnube says:

    That’s the number I read on /., but BBC keeps saying 37.

    Besides, bending facts in attempts at humour is fair.

  3. wahgnube says:

    EEP! BBC’s changed its tune now. No matter, humour over fact, is how I do things.

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