Thursday, April the 15th, 2004

It’s some 3 AM and I am THIS CLOSE to breaking down on all levels.

*Crushes index finger into thumb*

*Takes deep breath and puts on semi serious eyes*
(Semi serious eyes with a hint of a tearlet.)

(Making the gap between them infinitesimal. Obviously, signifying how close he is to breaking down. Doesn’t even feel enough to realize he’s hurting said fingers while being all dramatic. And what levels? Physical, emotional, intellectual, social?, spiritual?, and anything else you’d care to pile on there.)

*Looks around hoping to see a pleasant yet totally destructive natural calamity cause in close proximity*

*Continues to periodically pinch self to hopefully wake from what is just an evil nightmare*

I hope the tears dont stain the world that waits outside
Where did it all go wrong?

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2 Responses to “This close”

  1. why spiritual and emotional level?sigh

  2. wahgnube says:

    Sigh. I replied replied.

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