Wednesday, September the 17th, 2003

Not been near my computers for a while. I mean, I have been, but not too much longer than just checking email and that sort of thing. Life moves along just fine, though I’m doing a bit more than I am comfortable doing.

And the really freaky thing is, I am not really getting anything done.

Ahh well, anyway, got do document some stuff before I forget it. Firstly, it’s getting colder. Last evening, I actually ‘almost shivered’ during the walk back home. Granted, it was almost 12 at night, it had just drizzeled, and I was in shorts and a tee, but it shouldn’t be cold.

It will get worse and worse until, well, it is almost this time next year when it is warm for a bit.

That’s not the only thing, I was out all day, until that time getting arbitrary things done towards classes and work and all that. Too lazy to come home and make a salad or whatever, I picked up a pizza on the way home.

Thank goodness they work late.

Ate. and crashed. I needed to be up early the next day. Then I hear it, tick.. tick.. TICK… WHAT’S with clocks and their incessant ticking? I was hmm, violent to say the least. Ran and ripped out the batteries.

I need to get people around digital clocks or whatever it is that’s silent. And smash these existing ones to teeny bits, for no reason. Just for me to feel good.

Then, it’s supposed to be quiet. And then it starts. Ahh well, neighbors upstairs, squeaky bed. I just have to assume they have invisible kids and these kids like trampolines.

Fifteen minutes or so later, it’s quiet again. Sleep, I need sleep. So I guess I fall asleep. In a little bit, I am awakened by a snoring roommate. Now I am mad. Madder I mean.

Too tired to do anything about anything, I move to the living room couch, and what’s the problem now? That’s occupied bt a guest of a roommate.

Oh my god, I can’t win.

Or can I. I figured out some (problem I think) with my left ear. I can do some funky pressing it in odd places to “block” it. It feels like.. how it feels when you’re coming out of a pool or something after your ears are fully.. full. Anyway, with one ear blocked and the other fully pressed into a pillow, sleep is just a few short minutes away.

Disabilities are not always a bad thing?


I thought I was being real smart by typing this at some odd place thinking I won’t be disturbed so I can get some moderately cohesive thoughts out. I was wrong.

So much for answering the questions at this time.

The spot I picked out HAD to be the meeting area for some group organizing something, of which I am a part. How odd is that? I really shouldn’t delete these mails saying when and where they are. So I know, and can skillfully avoid.

Now on to some fake smiles and all that sort of social thing.

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4 Responses to “Tired”

  1. anita says:

    wow, you do have it pretty bad. ticking clocks are the worst. sophomore year i shared a dorm room with someone who had the loudest ticking clock in the world – or at least it seemed like it was to me, all those nights when i couldn’t sleep because the ticking was driving me bonkers…i just don’t understand why some people *choose* those clocks over digital ones…

  2. harish says:


    Someone gets it. I get to normally hear sermons on how few decibels it is and how it shouldn’t be bothering me.

    Yeah right.

    ANY periodic noise has got to go. However soft it be.

    Of course, it makes it easier to plan gifts for any major (or minor) event involving.. gift giving.

  3. Swechcha says:

    If you miss the ticking clock and the soft sensuous snoring, what you need is a dripping tap. Thats where the action is. trust me.

  4. wahgnube says:

    But that can be fixed relatively easily see? The other two require some social play, something I am not comfortable with.

    *Shudder*, interaction, touchy interaction.

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