Tuesday, October the 14th, 2003

(If you’re seeing this and wondering what’s the cause of this blog weirdness, there is none. It is me. This was typed in at a later time and suitably time stamp modded and inserted in this place. Though I finished typing it after the banquet blog, this is where it belongs, chronologically.)

Finally got around to getting my tickets for the Comedy Central No Class Tour coming this weekend to the Michigan Theater.

Skipped midway during one of the talks this cold and wet (yet totally not depressing) morning down to the ticket office at the union. Where I had one of the more interesting ticket buying experiences I’ve had. The conversation was quite normal, as was expected, until I indicated I was a student and needed the discount. Along with the usual (don’t you trust me) do you need to see ID?. Of course she did. Anyway, then the conversation slowly migrated to how much my hair’d grown in this time. The ID had a year old picture. Anyway, she’d forgotten how many tickets I wanted. I didn’t realize 1 was such a hard number to remember.

And when she’s like, did you say three, I start smiling uncontrollably. This B-movie dialogue kept running in my head, “No, I said one, but I meant two if you’d join me” or something similar. I was laughing so loud inside.

And we ended up with a pleasant conversation about how her hair doesn’t grow so fast. :)

YAT (Yet Another Talk) is over. I wouldn’t say it went off well or that I had fun doing it, but it’s over. I just wasn’t terribly excited or anything close. I guess sleeping at 4 am after many repeated failed attempts to parallelize solvers is to blame. Now to make best use of the free food and free knowledge gaining (which are pretty compelling reasons to attend these things) during the rest of the events.

And who’d have ever thought that people would mail lil ol me for insightful advice. I mean, oh my god, am I that old already? And got a mail from someone I’ve been meaning to write to for a while now. Very pleasant surprise. Another walking tour of a city with her sounds very fun.

On an unrelated note (not like any of the above thoughts were related in any way), I might have jumped the gun when I went about proclaiming intel compilers are the coolest pieces (apart from inherent non-free related evilness) of software. GiNaC, is insanely awesome, and it’s free software.

I can’t even to begin to describe its awesomeness.

Actually, I re-read that post. I did no such thing. All I did is proclaim intel compilers are insanely cool pieces of software. That they are. But inherently evil nonetheless.

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