Saturday, June the 21st, 2003

Woke around 6:00 AM. As I had done most of my packing the previous night, there was very little to do in the morning. Showered, made sure I had all my stuff and left the room around 6:30 AM, half an hour before breakfast was served. So checked some email, settled the bills and checked out of the hotel. Had breakfast, and left for the subway, to start my trip back home.

It was uneventful, which was good. The only smart thing I did, was to ask the guy at NY, to do what he could to make sure my luggage was sent correctly. At which time it hadn’t reached NY. I knew they were incompetent, but this even I didn’t consider. I also re-got my boarding pass for the correct airline (the brainy lady had given me one for the NY-DET flight from BOS, for the other airline). He was amazed that I thought to be so thorough, considering everything “seemed” fine. I told him some details regarding the DET-NY-BOS trip and therefore, now being “seasoned” know what all can go wrong and know how to fix it. He jokingly told me to check for my luggage in DET before reporting it missing.

Reached the huge airport in DET. Took the train inside the airport to the baggage claim some 1 Km or something away. Found my bag, something which I assumed wouldn’t be there. It was fun, but that doesn’t mean I have to be any more positive about anything. Picked it up, rolled it out and found Ashwin’s car in a little while.

Then the drive back to Periamma’s home. Which completed the trip.

Now to get ready for the next one. Yay.

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