Typing this message from my new and cool iPhone. There is so much I need to learn about it.

Monday, October the 25th, 2010 at 3:04 pm.

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4 Responses to “Typing this message from my ne…”

  1. soylentgreen says:

    Worst ever phone! Its supposed to be a phone, not a computer or a toy! The voice clarity and quality is terrible. I actually look at people who carry iPhones and feel sorry for them because they actually overpaid so much for the junk! It would be an entirely different story if it was, say, an iPad or MacBook. But iPhone? Biggest joke!

    There are so many phones out there which costs as little as $30 that does a superior job of what a phone is supposed to do – make and receive calls, and to some extent SMS.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • pundit says:

      Arguably true, but why so much vitriol? Do you not see that different people’s motivations might be different?

      What if someone saw their friends often and had little reason to call them? What if they wanted a small, portable computer, game system, media player, that could also make phone calls on the rare occasion they needed to? What if they thought it looked elegant, and money was no object? What if it was a gift from a lover?

      Life becomes so much richer when not seen in black and white.

    • soylentgreen says:

      You might recall that I’m hard of hearing. So everything is black and white, as far as my hearing is concerned. I would need a “phone” that does its job. I didn’t say the iPhone was a bad instrument. Its just an abysmal phone!

      And oh, I hardly game these days (except on the DS). Nor do I listen much to music except for classical, carnatic, hindustani and jazz, as these are the only genres that transcend my hearing loss – no lyrics, soft, simple and timeless.

      So, in your case, was the iPhone was given to you by a lover? ;-)

    • pundit says:


      And I recall that you are hard of hearing. My point was not about defending the iPhone as a quality phone or a fun toy or whatever. I was questioning your sharp tone, that’s all. All I was trying to say is, as with everything else, different things are different to different people. You don’t need to accept their choices (let alone understand them), but you don’t yell out hoping they’ll align with your point of view.

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