Monday, April the 5th, 2004

– I’ve had extreme amounts of candy and chocolate today. But contrary to popular conjecture, I am not sick.
– I finally did sign a lease for a new apartment. I am officially going to be living life paycheck to paycheck by fall. But what I’m shooting for is “living”. The paycheck to paycheck bit is an unfortunate consequence.
– I finished my first check (if you haven’t noticed, we now spell cheque, check) book yesterday. I used it to pay for my tickets home. Why is finishing a check book such a big deal? It isn’t, if you’re you. If you’re me and you know you didn’t make your own bed until a little while ago, it is a HUGE deal.
– I was wearing this pair of jeans (that under normal body dimensions will be just fine) that were literally falling off today. Not happening, especially when crossing a road or some such. Holding onto your pants, and attempting to hold back hair from flying all over the place because of the wind, is kinda goofy looking.

Now, for cheap thrills. I was checking my body mass the other day. But kept moving around so the thing couldn’t stabilize long enough to get a reading. Yay, checking without really checking.

Weighing scale.
Yes, that is a teeny bit of one of my toes.

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  1. Adi says:

    lol :D

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